We’re back with a second interview in our community series, where we celebrate a new generation of leaders. We’re telling the stories of those who know that leadership is a mindset and set of skills – not a title!

We sat down with Brandon Roberts, a Retired Pro Baseball Player turned Sales Leader, to understand the lessons and habits he’s picked up on his journey. Let’s hear what he has to say!

On becoming a leader: Develop a growth mindset

I missed the opportunity as a Baseball player because of my mindset – I thought that I reached my ceiling, so now as a sales leader, I realize it’s my belief system that’s holding me back. Reaching your potential starts with the right mindset.

On learning: Apply something new each day

Just like anything, leadership can be learned, but there’s so much content and so little time. It’s also hard to retain it all and apply it on a daily basis when we are in the thick of our busy schedules. 

Bunch allows me to get bite-sized pieces of new leadership concepts and refreshers. It’s incredibly convenient to either take the tip of the day or explore something relevant based on what challenges I’m having. I take the small piece of advice and try to apply it to something throughout that day.

On changing bad habits: Set reminders to snap out of it

I was always waiting to give feedback to be strategic and get the outcome I wanted, but if you wait it loses its impact. One of the Bunch tips I had recently, gave me a great reminder to snap out of this; always strive to give feedback in real-time.

On finding balance: Set clear boundaries

I’ve learned that I desperately need to go through a separation time after I finish work. I spend 10-15 mins reflecting on the positives from the day (inspired by the “Work Wind-Down Routine” tip in the Bunch app actually!) before I get bombarded by my three kids. As soon as I’m downstairs they start screaming with excitement and want to play!

On growth: Teaching others helps develop yourself

When I had to develop other leaders it forced me to reflect on how I was doing as a leader. I had to lead by example and do the things I was teaching and coaching others to do. This was a big turning point for me as a leader.

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More about Brandon and TSG

Brandon is a revenue leader that has driven 10x ARR growth holding various sales leadership roles, seeing growth from 30M to ~300M, and a successful IPO. His mission is to build other leaders by developing a culture of growth and stretching people beyond their potential.

He’s currently the Chief Commercial Officer at TSG, the leading global provider of software and integrated payments for the health & fitness, boutique & studio, and early education markets.​