Time flies ✈️ – it’s been an entire year since we launched Bunch!

We didn’t know what to expect when we pressed that button a year ago. We built the first version fast and lean on a strong belief that anyone can be a leader and can make a dent in the universe, but current learning formats completely fail to keep us engaged along the way.

Together, a year later, the Bunch community is over 40 thousand strong and has now spent over 1 million minutes leveling-up on crucial leadership skills like emotional intelligence, giving feedback, and building trust!🤩 Talk about impact!

This scale requires a more grown-up foundation, and today it arrived. 🚀

Your Bunch coach just got its biggest update of the year – all you need to do is update to the latest version to enjoy a smoother, faster, and more seamless learning experience.

Better, faster, and smarter – just like you. Here’s what’s new:

☕️ Your choice: 1 or 2 tips with your coffee?

Our new design for the ‘coach’ tab gives you more control of your daily tip and makes it easy to enjoy multiple tips on days you want a little extra learning. Bonus: a new and improved calendar to track your streak!

👀 See what’s working for other leaders

Bunch tips are always vetted, but the new “save” count on each tip makes it easy to spot the all-time greats and hidden gems.

✨ Learn how you want to

Whether you’re walking your dog or curled up on the couch, read or listen to your daily tip — whatever works for you!

✌️ Grab and go

Now you can easily highlight and copy text from Bunch tips to your clipboard for easy sharing, translation, or to store away in your notes.

🏆 Create your personal recipe for success

Stashing away your most treasured bits of wisdom just got so much easier. Collect all your favorite tips in your “Saved” tab.

🔎 Get answers, right now

Something on your mind? Why waste time on Google when our 10x smarter search can deliver the best, most-fitting tips in a fraction of a second.

⚡️ Lightning-fast access to actionable insights

Nobody wants to be kept waiting. If you’ve ever found your coach a bit laggy, you’ll love how fast this latest update is.

⭐️ You, in the spotlight

Your leadership profile just got a whole lot slicker! Get a better overview of who you work best with, who you’re challenged by, and which inspiring leaders you’re most similar to.

We’re so excited to share the New Bunch with you and can’t wait for you to try out all the new features!