Learn from the best, they said.

But how?

There’s a seemingly infinite number of leadership ‘influencers’ out there, and it can be hard to separate the signal from the noise. That’s why we curated this collection of of 22 leaders to learn from in 2022, chosen not based on fame, status, or social media following, but instead based on whose advice our users found to be genuinely useful in their quest to get 1% better every day. 📈

Bunch is an AI leadership coach full of 2-minute tips inspired by leaders who’s faced the same challenges as you. This collection contains the 22 most-inspiring leaders behind the best Bunch tips (based on saves, views, and ratings), and we’re thrilled to to introduce them to you today!

Meet the real leaders inspiring a new generation of change-makers

In no particular order, they are:

🏆 Nir Eyal
🏆 Brian Chesky
🏆 Cal Newport
🏆 Shachar Scott
🏆 Olivier Bonnet
🏆 Alex Weber
🏆 Amanda Goetz
🏆 Pat Kua
🏆 Ellen Wong
🏆 Nick deWilde
🏆 Mathias Meyer
🏆 Neil Fiore
🏆 James Trunk
🏆 Soozi Parker
🏆 Robin Wright-Pierce
🏆 Erica Cuni
🏆 Merissa Silk
🏆 Michael de la Maza
🏆 Steve Tauber
🏆 Jossie Haines
🏆 Tsedal Neeley
🏆 Sinead Sharkey-Steenson

Nir Eyal

🦸 LinkedIn

Nir is the author of two bestselling books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. His expertise has led him to be known as “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology” and is the go-to leader when it comes to habit formation.

His tip 📲 “Become Indistractable” has received 98% positive feedback from Bunch users, and has been saved 580 times.

Brian Chesky

🦸 LinkedIn

Brian, a hands-on, compassionate leader, is the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. He has also been named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People of 2015”. Brian is well known for his dedicated customer mindset, having recently announced that he will live on Airbnb to improve the design of the experience for people who can now live anywhere.

A tip he inspired called 📲 “How to Put out Fires Effectively” is the most-saved tip in the category “Crisis Management”, with 1096 saves.

Cal Newport

Cal is an Associate Professor at Georgetown University and writes the intersections between culture and technology. He is the author of seven books, including, A World Without Email, Digital Minimalism, and Deep Work. These titles include multiple New York Times bestsellers. Cal is also a contributing writer for the New Yorker and the host of the Deep Questions podcast.

Cal’s tip 📲 “Finding Time for Deep Work” is the #4 most-saved tip in the Bunch app and has received 96.9% positive feedback.

Shachar Scott

🦸 LinkedIn

Shachar is Director of Brand and International Marketing at Reality Labs within Meta. She previously led marketing teams at Bumble, Snap, and Apple. In her spare time, she also serves as Chairwoman at SAY.org. Shachar was a special guest at our #TakeTheLead event, where her talk inspired one of the most popular Bunch tips on career growth:📲 “Build Bridges, don’t Burn Them”, which has received 98% positive feedback from Bunch users and has been saved 194 times.

Olivier Bonnet

🦸 LinkedIn

After 13 years working at Apple on iCloud as part of the Operating Systems team, Olivier is now the CTO of BlaBlaCar and is passionate about continuously improving team culture. He manages 240 engineers, from infrastructure to front-end and data engineers. He also invests in early-stage startups as a business angel and loves coaching the next generation of engineering leaders.

Olivier is a Bunch community member whose tip 📲 “Build a Productive Meeting Culture” is the #3 most-saved tip on Bunch app, with 1426 saves.

Alex Weber

🦸 LinkedIn

Alex has been a key contributor to Bunch, with multiple tips in the app. His inspiring growth journey led him from being an individual contributor to an executive and being listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He is currently the Chief Growth Officer at N26 and contributes valuable expertise in starting new roles, influencing those around you and building trust.

A tip inspired by Alex called 📲 “When Your Team Expects You to Know it All” is the most-saved stakeholder management tip on Bunch!

Amanda Goetz

🦸 LinkedIn

Challenging the traditional models of employment and entrepreneurship, Amanda was the part-time CMO at Teal, a career development platform with resources to help enable professionals to grow their careers with confidence. She is also the proud founder & CEO at House of Wise, the luxury CBD brand empowering women to give more purposeful intention and take control of their lives. A tip inspired by her AMA with the Bunch community has become the number 1 tip on Healthy Boundaries.

A tip called 📲 “Help your Team Maintain Healthy Work Habits” was inspired by Amanda’s AMA with the Bunch community, and is the #1 tip on Bunch about Healthy Boundaries, with 668 saves and 97% positive feedback.

Pat Kua

🦸 LinkedIn

Patrick Kua is a seasoned technology leader with 20+ years of experience having done a wide variety of roles including being a developer, tech lead, consultant, CTO and more. His current mission is accelerating the growth of technical leaders through coaching, mentoring and training.

Pat’s tip 📲 “From Maker to Multiplier” is the #1 most popular tip from the Bunch podcast called Teams at Work. It has been saved 782 times, with 97% positive feedback from users.

Ellen Wong

🦸 LinkedIn

Ellen Wong is an Engineering Director with a track record of building effective, happy engineering teams that consistently deliver on challenging and impactful projects, on time or ahead of schedule. Leading engineering organizations of 30+ shipping features in many areas including data intensive applications, scalable services, intelligent services and mobile applications.

Ellen’s tip “📲 How to Influence Without Authority” was saved 703 times, with 96% positive feedback form Bunch users.

Nick deWilde

🦸 LinkedIn

Nick has one of the strongest voices in the work-life balance space. His tip How to Decide if You Should Leave Your Job is the #5 most-saved tip in the Bunch app. Nick is an advisor at Guild Education, a startup that partners with Fortune 500 employers to unlock opportunities for the workforce through education and upskilling. He also write “The Jungle Gym”, a newsletter designed to help you build a more fulfilling career that integrates your work with your life.

A tip inspired by Nick called “📲 “How to Decide if You Should Leave Your Job?” is the #5 most-saved tip on Bunch, with 2357 saves.

Mathias Meyer

🦸 LinkedIn

Mathias is a frequent contributor in the Bunch community. His tip 3 Phrases to Get Buy-in for a New Direction is the #2 most-saved tip in the Bunch app. He is an executive leadership coach and advisor to founders and CTOs, and a Founding Partner at “The Intentional Organization”, a coaching practice and book on building purposeful organizations based on clarity, inclusion, and learning. He has built up an interest in company culture, behaviours and psychology, and what it means to build companies where great products come from people who are nurtured, supported, and able to contribute broadly.

Mathias’ tip 📲 “3 Phrases to get buy-in for a new direction” is the #2 most-saved tip on Bunch, with 1485 saves.

Neil Fiore

🦸 LinkedIn

Neil’s practical exercises and strategies continue to help leaders obtain peak performance and optimal productivity. Neil is a licensed psychologist, trainer, and the author of six books. Selected as one of the “Top Ten Self-Help Gurus,” Neil is firmly established as one of America’s top productivity experts. He is also the author of The Now Habit and Awaken Your Strongest Self.

A tip Inspired by Neil called 📲”Inspire Your Team to Hit Their Goals” is the #1 most-saved tip in the Bunch app, with 1641 saves!

James Trunk

🦸 LinkedIn

James, an active member of Bunch’s community, is a true leadership role model. He started his career as a software developer, but an early interest in people, processes, and psychology pulled him towards leadership. James loves to transform teams and perfect products, which he’s done in previous roles as a Product Owner, CTO, and Head of Engineering.

James’ tip 📲 “Create Your Own Principles for Effective Decisions” is part of Bunch’s Top 10 Most-Saved tips with 1158 saves.

Soozi Parker

🦸 LinkedIn

Soozi is an experienced transformational learning and development consultant. Designing innovative solutions in consultation, Soozi has an energizing authentic style that engages participants and enables them to push boundaries, ask hard questions, and unlock potential. She links theory and practice in an interactive, memorable way which increases learning and enjoyment, thus delivering improved performance.

A tip inpsired by Soozi called 📲 “1:1 for a Disengaged Team Member” is one of Bunch’s Top 10 Most-Saved tips, with 1131 saves.

Robin Wright-Pierce

🦸 LinkedIn

Robin is a community activist, strategist, infrastructure builder, and facilitator of individual and collective liberation. Regardless of the mode and focus of her work, she believes deeply in the importance of centering our health, wellness, and healing as part of the process of change. Robin is the most-saved contributor in the DE&I category on Bunch, with 665 saves. Tips inspired by her have helped thousands of leaders implement more inclusive practices in their day-to-day. For example, the tip 📲 “Exposing Your Implicit Bias” has been saved 379 times.

Erica Cuni

🦸 LinkedIn

Erica, aka “The Burnout Professor”, is a mental wellbeing educator and licensed psychotherapist. After suffering from burnout herself, Erica developed an integrative approach that promotes brain, gut and emotional health by using practical, research-based and trauma-informed tools. Today she facilitates mental wellbeing workshops, hosts virtual group classes and 1:1s, and supplies education on how to effectively manage stress.

Erica’s tip 📲 “10 Mindful Moments to Stop Feeling Constantly Stressed” is the most-saved tip in the “Relax & Recharge” category on Bunch and was saved 705 times.

Merissa Silk

🦸 LinkedIn

Merissa has not only contributed the most tips to the app but is also the most-saved contributor. Currently Staff Product Manager at Onfido, Merissa is passionate about using customer-centric methodologies to bring new products to market. In her free time, Merissa enjoys supporting female founders and other women in tech with career development and coaching.

Merissa is the author of 3 tips in the Bunch app including 📲 “3 Alternatives to Meetings” (864 saves). Her strategic and actionable leadership advice has been saved 2019 times, making her the most-saved contributor on Bunch!

Michael de la Maza

🦸 LinkedIn

Michael is an Agile and Scrum Coach and Consultant, helping companies succeed by supporting company-wide agile transformations. His experience includes C-suite guidance, one-on-one coaching and mentorship, Agile planning, and team formation. He is also the co-author of the book “Enterprise Agile Coaching,” a number one bestseller.

Michael’s tip 📲 “Stay Focused in Your Meetings with Lean Coffee” is in the top 5 most-saved community tips in the Bunch app, with 964 saves.

Steve Tauber

🦸 LinkedIn

Steve is the current CTO in residence at madewithlove and also has experience as a senior programmer, project and product manager, and trainer. His experience as ad interim CTO has made him an expert in overcoming leadership, process, communication, and engineering challenges. Steve values personal responsibility, empowering remote workers, and distraction-free workspaces.

His tip 📲“Build Trust When You’re Leading a New Team” is in the top 5 most-saved community tips, saved 899 times.

Jossie Haines

🦸 LinkedIn

Jossie, a trusted contributor of the Bunch community, has the most-saved tip in the “communication” category. She has been an engineering leader for 20 years, focused on large scale consumer technology at companies such as Apple, American Express and Tile. She is currently VP of Software Engineering at Tile. She also heads the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across Tile, and started and leads the Tile mentoring program. Her tip 📲 “How to Quickly Check In On Your Team’s Mood” was saved 954 times!

Tsedal Neeley

🦸 LinkedIn

Tsedal is a professor at Harvard Business School and author of Remote Work Revolution. Recognized as one of the 100 people transforming business who are innovating, sparking trends, and tackling global challenges by Business Insider, her work focuses on how leaders can scale their organizations by developing and implementing global and digital strategies.

Tsedal’s tip 📲 “Navigating International Cultural Differences” is the most-saved tip in the “culture” category with 921 saves.

Sinead Sharkey-Steenson

🦸 LinkedIn

Sinead is the Founder and Director of Generation Women and is an experienced Senior Leadership and Development Coach, Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker. Generation Women is dedicated to facilitating the development of women to achieve greatness in business. Sinead draws on over 20 years of corporate experience in HR, Leadership Development, Business Improvement, and Cultural Transformation. She has worked with over 7,000 women and developed and delivered career and leadership programs for multiple global organizations including; Sensata, Citi, and Deloitte.

Sinead’s tip 📲 “Leave Perfectionism at the Door” is the most-saved tip in the “confidence category” and has 96% positive feedback, and was saved 468 times.