How we use data and technology to help you making better decisions in less time

Our scientific model is based on the research done by Charles O’Reilly, a well respecterd Professor at Stanford GSB specializing in Organizational Behavior research. 

His groundwork allows us to categorize the cultural mindset of a person based on six different dimensions: 

  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Customer-orientation
  • Result-orientation
  • Detail-orientation
  • Integrity

Based on this research he and his team analyzed highly successful tech startups, trying to find out, what kind of culture unlocks sustainable growth.

These insights layed the foundation of our psychological models predicting the best mindsets a candidate should have. Our predictions see a candidate not as a single individual but as a part of a bigger group like a team or a whole organisation.

The scientific groundwork

Charles O'Reilly

Professor O’Reilly’s research spans studies of leadership, organizational demography and diversity, culture, executive compensation and organizational innovation and change

To analyze peoples mindsets & true motivations at scale we rely on the power of a machine learning algorithm.

We trained this algorithm on over 1 Million data points, like:

  • Slack Messages
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Glassdoor Reviews

This enables our algorithm to scan a LinkedIn profile and predict the person's mindset based on:

  • Previous experience
  • Education
  • Choice of words

The technology

Empowering decision makers

Get insights before you actually talk to a candidate to decide if they are worth your precious time.

Faster Decisions

Our algorithm improves over time. With your feedback we'll be able to improve the quality of recommendations matching your needs.

Learning Algorithm

We believe that in order to be successful you need to stop hiring people. And start developing teams.

Unlock Team Development

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