Translating Culture into Growth

You want very homogeneous beliefs and that’s the 1 thing that shouldn’t be diverse
Brian Chesky,CEO, Co-Founder, Airbnb
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Bunch Changes Your Game

Measure & scale culture

Easily measure existing culture and map out key areas for improvement. See how you can scale and evolve your culture and train your team to better support the bottomline.

Surpass your growth objectives

Bunch enables your HR department to hire strong problem-solvers that will thrive in your team and open up new opportunities for the company. Proactively evolving your culture and hiring in such a way allows you to create highly aligned teams that deliver up to 5x ARR.

Develop your team strategically

Using the insights of the Bunch team profile enables your managers to understand what their team needs to perform better.

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How it works

Know who to look for

Your team takes a 10-minute culture assessment and Bunch creates your company culture baseline mapped onto 6 key dimensions.

See & measure your current culture

Look for candidates who are aligned with your team on core dimensions and will take your team to the next level.

Hire the best candidates

Invite all candidates to take Bunch assessment to see their team fit and learn how they will strengthen your team. Save hours of interviews by focusing on top candidates early in the process.

What Company Leaders Say About Bunch

ralph pieper
Bunch gives us the insights we need to develop our shared identity in a conscious and active way.
Ralph Pieper, CFO at Kapilendo
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