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How it works

See & measure your company’s current culture

Your team takes a 10-minute culture quiz and Bunch maps your company culture baseline onto 6 key dimensions. This lets you better understand the cultural profile you are looking for and scale company culture over time.

Know who to look for

You are looking for candidates who are aligned with your team on the core dimensions and bring your team to the next level.

Hire the best candidates

Invite candidates to take the Bunch assessment after resume screening to see their team fit and learn how they will strengthen your team. Save hours of interviews by focusing on top candidates early in the process.

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Time to step up

Co-drive company growth

Hiring with cultural fit in mind lets you create teams that are aligned and deliver up to 5x ARR. Thus you ensure your company’s sustainable growth and help your management team efficiently scale culture. Use the insights of the Bunch team profile to deliver appropriate training and further strengthen your team.

Establish a common culture baseline

Bunch provides an easy and lean way to measure your current culture and establish a common culture baseline for the whole company. This helps you align all strategic HR activities from hiring to organizational development.

Avoid losing top candidates

With Bunch your recruiters can better evaluate a candidate’s team fit and focus on top candidates early in the process instead of making dozens of screening calls. Bunch helps you deliver a more personalized experience to each candidate and shorten time to hire.

Strengthen your employer brand

Save your candidates’ time by focusing on those with high-fit from the start . Using Bunch tells candidates that you care about them thriving at work . Deliver higher value to each applicant by showing them their cultural profile.

What HR Leaders Say About Bunch

Jana Rokossa
Integrating Bunch into our hiring process at MAKERS was a game changer. Decisions in Recruitment and HR are often largely based on intuition. Now, I can finally evaluate company culture, alignment, team cohesion, and hiring decisions in a quantified, measurable way, using real data. Bunch gives me the facts and numbers I need to back up what my intuition tells me.
Jana Rokossa, Head of HR at MAKERS

Why use Bunch?

Easy to use & no training needed
Minutes to deploy with no IT involvement
Fit into your existing process

What candidates say

I loved the Bunch assessment - answering the questions was fun and looking at Bunch profile I learnt a lot about myself. It also showed me that the company I was applying to really cared about how I would fit with the rest of the team. I want to make an impact, you know? And I can only do that in the right team.
Ruben Baakman, MA in Philosophy at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
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