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Do you go the extra mile, even when nobody else is watching? Do you ask the difficult questions? Do you listen to those that no one else hears? What makes you a leader is that you step up and take the lead when your team needs you.

Titles don’t define leaders, behaviors do.

Leadership is a mindset

It doesn't matter if you’re accountable for 20 people or just yourself.

Leadership skills used to be available only in Ivy League schools. Not anymore.

No more ivory towers

Rituals that drive results

The key to success is to get 1% better every day - progress, not perfection.


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Matt Britton

Founder & CEO at Suzy, International Keynote Speaker

Vice President, Strategy and Development at LA Times

Clint Schaff

Chris Schembra

Chief Question Asker at 
7:47 & Author of  Gratitude and Pasta: The Secret Sauce for Human Connection

Lisa Besserman

Dr. Sophie Chung

Head of Program, Global Incubator at Indeed.com, Business Insider “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Tech”

CEO and Founder 
at Qunomedical

Dave Morgan

Founder, CEO and Chairman at Simulmedia

Jonathan Skogmo

Founder and CEO at
Jukin Media

Monique Valcour

Executive Coach, Management Professor, and Frequent Contributor on HBR

Erik Huberman

Founder and CEO 

of Hawke Media

Robyn Ward

CEO of FounderForward

Scott Paul

Founder and 

CEO of Wooly

Annette Franz

Founder and CEO 

of CX Journey

Jeffrey Feldberg

Co-Founder at
Deep Wealth

Julie Winkle Giuloni

Co-Author of "Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go"

Christine Hassler

Best Selling Author and Life & Business Coach

Ricardo Marvão

Co-Founder at Beta-i and Managing Partner at LC Capital

Christina Weber

Founder and CEO
at Deepen

Alex Weber

Chief Growth Officer
 at N26

Nir Eyal

Author of "Hooked" and "Indistractable"

Carter Reum

Entrepreneur and Investor, Co-Founder at M13

Executive Coach and Mental Trainer for Navy SEALs

Renita Kalhorn

Shachar Scott

Global Head of Brand Marketing at Snap Inc.

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