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Decode your team's unique culture and benchmark against relevant competitors. Bunch applies Stanford’s Organizational Culture Profiling model and enables you to map your team’s priorities and align as a team.

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Build cultures that teams love and outsiders envy by hacking culture like forward-thinking companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Zappos & co. Get inspired by our extensive collection of culture hacks and iterate on the soft part of your team.

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Watch your culture grow

Use Bunch insights to build strong and adaptable teams that are ready to innovate and prepared for any challenge. We analyze all that chatter that flows through the open channels of your team’s Slack account and translate them into cultural KPIs for you. Learn what helps your team improve when working together: optimize collaboration, results-orientation or customer-orientation over time.

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Culture is your #1 competitive advantage

With Bunch you make sure your culture boosts growth and doesn’t get off track as you scale. Bunch shows your company culture DNA, helps you develop existing teams and hire new people who fit the team. Smart, lean & easy to use.

Trusted by great companies

Bunch gives us the insights we need to develop our shared identity in a conscious and active way.
Ralph Pieper, CFO at Kapilendo

Based on science & machine learning

Bunch collects data based on methodology developed by Charles O’Reilly at the Stanford GSB Institute for Organizational Behavior.

The Bunch team has strong expertise in psychology, machine learning, data science, and customer success. We are on a mission to enable companies to make a bigger impact through stronger culture and better teamwork.

We are on a mission to enable companies make a bigger impact through stronger culture and better teamwork.

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