Know what your teams need and select the right people to increase performance 

Build teams that hit their goals

Design the best teams to help you grow

Bunch is easy to use and has one purpose: making sure that each team in your organization succeeds at what they do.

Ralph Pieper

CFO at Kapilendo

"We have made all our hires in the past year with Bunch. Candidates proactively point out that using Bunch shows them we care about them as persons,  not only about their skills.

Rico Fernando

Head of HR & Org Dev 

at Coliquio

"Before using Bunch, the employee retention after probation period was 40 to 50 per cent -- and is now 80 to 90 per cent."

We let happy customers speak for themselves

Set targets for teams and positions.

Set targets

We help you measure what drives performance.

Measure what matters

Hire and develop for the targets you set.

Select the best

We recommend changes in your team and we suggest different team constellations along the way to help you reach your targets.

Close the gaps

Bunch is a fast and scientific way to understand what drives your team’s performance now and what they will need to perform in the future. Don't just trust your gut, measure what's important.

We keep our pricing simple for you.

Choose which subscription plan suits your needs best, and you can always top-up candidate profiles at a later stage.

Are you a larger team with more than 150 team members?
Get in touch 
with our sales department and get custom pricing.

Too many applicants and 

no more Bunch profiles? 

Buy 100 credits.

Extra applicant profiles


You can always top it up!

100 credits

Get in touch with our Sales team  

for bigger packages 

Teams between 11-50 employees, incl. 25 candidate profiles per month.



monthly, billed annualy

Try it for free for 14 days

Teams between 51-300 employees, incl. 150 candidate profiles per month.


$ 499,-

monthly, billed annually

Try it for free for 14 days

Teams up to 10 team members, including a total of 5 candidate profiles per month.




"Having awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, and being able to surround yourself with people that can fill in those gaps, is an enormously important and valuable part of building a world class team.”

- Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn

Focus on what matters

Use Bunch to focus on what really matters: making sure your teams are performing at optimal levels.

Select the right people to help you reach your targets

Build and design teams with purpose

Find the right leaders to develop

Start driving performance in your teams today!

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