People Analytics Trends 2018

by Darja Gutnick October 8, 2018

People Analytics Trends 2018

by Darja Gutnick October 8, 2018

This year was my first year at PAFOW East – the mind child of the incredible Al Adamsen and David Green. It’s been absolutely mind-blowing to see the field of People Analytics grow so quickly. Personally, I felt a “home coming” for the 2nd time in my professional career. The first time, was as a

Inside Bunch: Our Engineering Co-founder Charles

  about bunch
by Anthony Reo September 25, 2018

Inside Bunch: Our Engineering Co-founder Charles Bunch has three strong co-founders: the hustler Darja who is in charge of growth and the hipster Anthony for product and design, and the hacker, Charles who takes care of the tech & data. Charles ensures that all customers have 24/7 access to our team performance software, works closely with

Hiring Engineers: Mindset of a Software Developer

by Anthony Reo September 20, 2018

This is episode #1 of 8-episode ‘hiring for mindset’ series where we will reveal the mindsets of 8 key roles for high-growth companies including engineers, product managers, sales reps, marketing managers, and more. First off is Hiring engineers: The Developer Mindset.  TLDR; The engineering mindset focuses on learning and collaboration When interviewing for a job, engineers

Future hires: Hire today who you will need tomorrow

by Anthony Reo September 19, 2018

“We don’t recruit just for the ‘now’. Future employees have to match with what we will need in the future. Our future hires need to complement our existing team and will grow with us. They need a skill-set for today’s tasks but also need the agility to take over roles in 12 months that are

How to Reduce Employee Turnover and Hire Top-Performers

by Darja Gutnick September 7, 2018

As always on Fridays, today we publish a #TeamPick that comes from Anthony Reo, the Product Co-Founder of Bunch. Originally from Washington D.C., Anthony decided to move to Berlin, after he finished his studies and worked two years in Budapest. Since then, he’s part of the Bunch-team. If you want to learn more about Anthony,

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