Diaries of a Binge Learner: Ultra-Learning for Beginners

  from bunch
by Rachael Amesbury May 23, 2020

Does Bill Gates actually read 50 books a year? Can ‘normal’ people read 50 books a year? And is that good for you? We’ve got (some) answers for you! We recently sat down with Anthony Reo, our co-founder, and COO, who is currently 15 books into his 50-books-a-year challenge, and going strong. He belongs to

The 14 Leadership Types (and How to Use Them to Supercharge Your Growth)

by Darja Gutnick May 13, 2020

What superpower would you choose if you could have one? The idea of letting go of our limitations for just one moment and thinking more about what we could be seems possible only in the hypothetical. But magical things can happen when we apply this mindset to our leadership aspirations. Have you ever sat down

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