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Engineering Team Lead

I thoroughly enjoyed using Bunch, definitely, it has helped me as a leader to be a better version of myself every day. Primarily I saved the content on the quality of relationships, tips on building trust, handling conflicts etc. And I revisit them every once in a while as a reminder.

I tried this app called Bunch that gives you 2-min daily tips on topics like communication, feedback, and resolving conflicts at work.

Good exercise and reminder every day to reflect and become at least 1% better.

Bunch is the most helpful resource for my daily learning as a manager. The tips are relevant and cover a range of essential topics for success in my role. I especially appreciate the option to focus on specific topics, and Bunch continues to add useful features. I highly recommend it!


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💡 Daily Tip

💡 Daily Tip

🤩 Profile with skills and working style

🤩 Profile with skills and working style

🏋️‍♂️ Scenarios with instant feedback

🏋️‍♂️ Scenarios with instant feedback

🌎 Explore ALL tips & scenarios

🌎 Explore ALL tips & scenarios

⚡️ Go back to past daily tips

⚡️ Go back to past daily tips

🏁 Learning Sprints: expert-curated micro courses

🏁 Learning Sprints: expert-curated micro courses

💬 24/7 coaching: on-demand coaching via chat

💬 24/7 coaching: on-demand coaching via chat

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Who is Bunch for?

Bunch is for managers or aspiring leaders who want to make a bigger impact at work and accelerate their career. It is most useful for people in tech companies and remote work environments. It's primarily for individuals, which means your learning journey is fully personalized to your needs and career goals, independent of your employer.

What should I expect from Bunch Premium?

You can expect a personalized and continuous learning journey that consists of light-weight, asynchronous learning formats: from short assessments, to 2-minute tips, check-ins, scenarios to simulate challenging work situations, and even AI coaching via chat (using ChatGPT) to tackle overcome particularly pressing challenges. You can even reach out to a real coach for advice if you need it.

What makes Bunch special?

Our ✨secret sauce✨ is a mix of personalized learning journeys & light-weight, actionable content that enables you to truly level up in as little as 2 minutes a day.

Will I talk to a real coach on Bunch?

Sometimes, yes! If you're a Premium member facing a specific challenge at work that your AI coach can't resolve for you, you'll be able to reach out to a certified (human 😅) coach for advice via chat. No need to book a session and wait. No awkward video calls.

What skills will I train on Bunch?

As part of building Bunch, we created The Millennial Leaders Project to find out what skills are needed to succeed in today's workplace. We dug deep into academic research, reviewing 168 papers on what competencies are relevant for aspiring leaders. To get a practical perspective we then interviewed  professional coaches, and asked over 100 managers about the skills they feel they need. The result? Our own competency model for 17 key leadership skills that you can train on Bunch. 🚀

How is Bunch personalized?

Bunch doesn't just serve up content based on a curriculum like you'd get from a book or a course. It gets to know you over time, and recommends coaching content based specifically on your needs. For example: in your first session, you'll do a short assessment on your working style. Your coach will ask about your challenges, topic interests, and current role. All of this will be used to recommend relevant and actionable coaching content.

How does the Premium membership work?

The Premium membership gives you access to everything on Bunch. We currently offer annual memberships only, which are available via the Apple App Store, with a 7-day free trial period. Prices vary by location. Subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel anytime.

When is the Android version coming? 🤖

We currently plan to add an Android version in 2023. Interested? Join our waiting list!

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