Our Manifesto

The Times They Are A Changin’

The world of work spins faster than ever. Teams and their leaders are challenged to provide guidance without limiting contribution. They must build trust between team members that only meet virtually and may never see each other in person. They have to stay on top of things while the stream of information is increasing exponentially year over year. At the same time, leaders must create environments that help people feel that they belong, no matter how different they think, look or act and bring out the best in them.

Phew, that's some mountain to climb!

Engineering high-performance is harder than ever

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

- John Quincy Adams

  • By providing hyper-relevant, curated content
  • By facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge exchange
  • By giving easy access to the science of management in practical terms 
  • By fostering progressive ideas on the future of work and collaboration

How do we enable leaders to build high-performance teams?

Highly personalized: You should not be spending hours trying to understand which of the resources might be relevant to you, we make that easy for you by giving you resources that are tailored to your case.

Grounded in state-of-the-art research: We are rooted in scientific research around what makes teams and cultures successful. Our resources and recommendations that are backed by the latest organizational science.

Curated: We only deliver resources that have been vetted by our experts. We know that you don’t have time to waste in pointless experiments, so we curate all our content & resources for you.

Equitable: We are convinced that to realize our vision of developing working environments and culture where everyone gets to enjoy their work, we need to foster a diverse and equitable community. We are committed to developing that by encouraging initiatives that help us to achieve this goal together. We also are committed to protecting that principle, so we won’t tolerate behaviors that endanger the goal of developing a diverse and equitable community.

Designed to foster human connection: Whatever we do, we think about the humans that will be interacting within our community first. Our role is to help you create stronger ties and relationships.

Quickly digestible and actionable: When providing resources, we keep it simple and actionable. We know you're always stretched for time, so we only provide resources that can be instantly acted on.

Community first: We serve you with dedication, conviction and are ready to put your needs before our own. We constantly build empathy by asking often: How is your experience so far? What would you need to be even more satisfied?

Which principles do we want to hold ourselves accountable to?

Leaders at fast-growing, fast-moving companies are struggling to navigate the day-to-day challenges and help their team enjoy their work and perform at their best. It’s no secret that when things move fast, people-focused initiatives get deprioritized and good intentions go out the window.

Leaders need help building high-performance teams because:

“Good and bad” culture doesn’t objectively exist, the team's needs change constantly and the processes needed to help people perform at their best is a constantly moving target. 

What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

What works for one person probably won't work for another.

Teams need help to iterating towards effectiveness:

At the same time, there are factors that are important to all humans when collaborating. Feeling enthusiastic and positive at work drives motivation and performance for most teams: Morale is a key for team success. Similarly, feeling comfortable and encouraged to give their input and share what they think, even if it might be difficult to accept or slow the team down, is crucial to the team's creativity and progress: Psychological safety is key for team success. 

And after all, a team that is willing to learn, accept a good challenge and is not afraid to fail achieves more than a team that sticks to “what’s possible” and never pushes the boundaries: Growth mindset is key for team success. 

This is why we created Teams at Work. It's a hub of resources and a network of peers for on-demand advice for leading teams. Our purpose is to help leaders at fast-growing companies to build high-performance teams, develop a culture of belonging, effective communication, and empowered leadership.

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