Expert Series: Liz Daldalian on how to run a successful remote team

by Kurtis Morrison November 7, 2019

Remote work is all the rage these days. With 70% of all professionals working from home at least once a week, being great at remote collaboration can be a real competitive advantage. Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with Liz Daldalian, Head of Business Operations & Delivery at Truffle Suite, a fully remote team of 22 people

Teams at Work by Bunch: The new hub for leaders, makers, and shapers of tomorrow

by Kurtis Morrison October 31, 2019

Five years ago, I was a burned-out founder of a startup. I was searching for something new to get excited about, but still recovering from a difficult period of moonlighting my startup while still maintaining a high-pressure day job with a high-growth company. One night at dinner, a friend asked me for help in finding

Goodbye, Emma!

by Kurtis Morrison September 12, 2019

How it all started… 7 months ago, we introduced Emma to the world, our AI-powered LinkedIn Assistant that helps you get to know anyone in just one click. We created Emma in the hopes that it would help people understand each other better, and we’re grateful that we were able to do this for the

Mark Frein joins as a strategic advisor

  about bunch
by Kurtis Morrison June 10, 2019

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce Mark Frein, Chief People Officer at InVision, as a strategic advisor. Mark will support us in our mission to empower people leaders to gain a deeper understanding of company culture in real-time. Mark brings a tremendous understanding of the modern, forward-thinking people leader, and a wealth of experience to guide

Company Culture: A Complete Guide for People Leaders

by Kurtis Morrison June 3, 2019

Introduction Culture is one of the most powerful and mysterious elements of a successful company. Everyone knows it’s important, but not many people can define it. Somehow, culture can feel like everything and nothing at the same time. But your business can’t afford to leave culture up to chance. As you’ll see in this guide,

How to measure employee engagement without surveys

by Kurtis Morrison May 22, 2019

Introduction We live in the age of Employee Experience. An unprecedented talent shortage and changing attitudes towards the nature of work have made it an absolute must for growth-minded businesses to prioritize initiatives that ensure employees are both challenged and fulfilled at work. This Employee Experience boom has made one tool in particular a critical

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