Expert Series: Michèle Taipale on setting up your company culture from start and how to lead for the first time

by Monica Zaldivar September 9, 2019

We’ve had the pleasure to catch up with Michèle Taipale for our latest edition of CULTURED. As a Leadership Coach for The Wharton Executive MBA program and as one of the founders of Futurosity together with her partner, Robert Ellis, she’s been helping high achievers lead, transform, relate and communicate effectively for decades. Michèle is

What you need to think about before using People Data to make decisions

by Monica Zaldivar August 28, 2019

At CULTURED we like to ask seasoned professionals in the People space about their learnings when dealing with data, people and teams. We recently asked Alan Wanders, Growth Manager at Motivii, about his take on how to make the best use of Data in the workplace here are his thoughts. We’re very thankful he took

Expert Series: Shane Metcalf on best self-management, mental health in workplaces and starting conversations

by Monica Zaldivar August 20, 2019

For this edition of CULTURED, we had the amazing opportunity to reflect with Shane Metcalf, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer of 15five, about work-life balance in fast-growing companies, manager development, the responsibility of managers towards their teams, meditation and mental health, and to work in companies that make you feel and be better every single

Expert Series: Rebecca R. Cañate about team culture and her HR approach by coaching people leaders

  expert series
by Marvin Grocholl July 30, 2019

In this edition, CULTURED had the pleasure to talk with Rebecca R. Cañate, Director for Leadership Development at McKesson, about team culture and what technology and data can offer to HRBPs and HR managers in general. Apart from sharing her career path with us, Rebecca reflected on the difficulties of shifting focus from executing to

Expert Series: Russell Lobsenz on how to scale culture

  expert series
by Marvin Grocholl July 16, 2019

In this episode of the Expert Series, we had the pleasure to interview Russell Lobsenz, VP of People at Socure. We discussed the importance of thinking about company culture early in the company growth, the role of company leaders in finding a way to scale culture keeping the core values always present, and his experiences

Expert Series: Karen Weeks about building a Leadership Development Team

  expert series
by Marvin Grocholl June 26, 2019

In this edition, CULTURED had the pleasure to talk with Karen D. Weeks, VP of People at OrderGroove. Her professional journey to where she is now could be somewhat surprising for some: her career start was in the media and talent industry before she got deep into HR. On top, she’s jumped between being a

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