Expert Series: Rachel Ben Hamou about the power of facilitation skills

  expert series
by Darja Gutnick June 7, 2019

In this edition, CULTURED had the pleasure to talk with Rachel Ben Hamou, the founder of PeopleStorming. She talks about her story of founding PeopleStorming, the competence of facilitation and about investing in healthy people dynamics. CULTURED: What made you found PeopleStorming? RBH: I was a Product Manager in a large video games company called

Expert Series: David Salemme on affecting change with People Analytics

  expert series
by Darja Gutnick June 5, 2019

In this edition, CULTURED had the pleasure to talk with David Salemme, VP of People Analytics at Nielsen. He started with Nielsen 12 years ago and he’s been a part of the People Analytics team for the last 2 years. A big part of his mission at Nielsen today is to democratize data within the

Inside Bunch: The DNA of highly effective teams

  about bunch
by Darja Gutnick November 6, 2018

This week’s #TeamPick has been selected from all of us at Bunch! We experiment, we fail, we learn, we win. We work long hours (C’mon, we are a startup aren’t we?), we adapt, we change, we grow. There is not a lot of tears but definitely, a lot of sweat put into our work. … Well, and sometimes some blood

Hiring Product Managers With a Winning Mindset

by Darja Gutnick October 29, 2018

This is episode #2 of 8-episode ‘hiring for mindset’ series where we will reveal the mindsets of 8 key roles for high-growth companies including engineers, product managers, sales reps, marketing managers, and more. Second off is Hiring product managers. To freshen up your memory on what we’ve revealed about engineers, check our #1 in ‘hiring for mindset’

Mind the Gap

  about bunch
by Darja Gutnick October 29, 2018

This week’s #TeamPick has been selected from Ana Semrov, our newest member of the team. Ana moved from London to Berlin to help us on our quest of bringing psychology and data science closer together. Coming from a small town in Slovenia, she is excited to be a part of an open, collaborative, and committed

People Analytics Trends 2018

by Darja Gutnick October 8, 2018

This year was my first year at PAFOW East – the mind child of the incredible Al Adamsen and David Green. It’s been absolutely mind-blowing to see the field of People Analytics grow so quickly. Personally, I felt a “home coming” for the 2nd time in my professional career. The first time, was as a

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