This week’s #TeamPick has been selected from Ana Semrov, our newest member of the team. Ana moved from London to Berlin to help us on our quest of bringing psychology and data science closer together. Coming from a small town in Slovenia, she is excited to be a part of an open, collaborative, and committed team.

Her Tip: 96% of U.S. Professionals Say They Need Flexibility, but Only 47% Have It

We are moving towards workspaces where employees have more and more say in what kind of jobs they want. As a result, it is important to understand what they are actually looking for. Ana thinks providing your employees with more flexibility is a great way to start.

Summary: A study carried out showed that 96% of U.S. professionals feel like they need flexibility, but in fact, only 47% actually have it. People often don’t understand that flexibility at work doesn’t mean only flexible hours or remote work.

Six types of flexibility have been measured: flexible hours, freedom to adapt, location variety, location independence, minimal travel, and reduced workload.

Why is this relevant? The lack of flexibility hurts workers’ health and wellness, productivity, and the way they take care of others. Providing employees with flexibility will not only help them but also their employers. The study suggests that more flexibility at work results in higher retention, employees’ satisfaction, and higher eNPS.

And who doesn’t want a happy, highly engaged, and diverse working environment?

(For additional information, a longer version of the report can be found here.)