What Dropbox Projects Reveal About Successful Team Collaboration

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by Darja Gutnick August 24, 2018

Do you use dropbox across your virtual teams? Our data scientist Alexandra Klochko exchanges data via dropbox as millions of researchers and team members do worldwide.    Originally from Russia, Alexandra studied political science and statistics in Saint Petersburg and Mannheim. Before joining Bunch, she was part of an early startup team. At Bunch she successfully developed

How Stripe teaches employees to code

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by Darja Gutnick August 17, 2018

A few weeks ago we highlighted a #TeamPick by our IT expert Iorrah. (PS: Check it out here!) This week, he presented another great article he found on the blog of one of the most successful Fintech startups worldwide: Stripe.  His Tip: “How Stripe teaches employees to code” The blog post has been written bei Ella

9 Things the Most Successful People Do Every Day

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by Darja Gutnick August 10, 2018

You might look for role models in your close ecosystem. So you might wonder, what you have in common with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s manager, a bodybuilder, wife and mom? „We are all leaders in a team and need to think what makes our team successful and most effective” argued our co-founder Darja Gutnick when

Inside Bunch: Our Product Co-founder Anthony

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by Darja Gutnick August 9, 2018

Most companies have experienced it: tension in the team, different cultures, ideas clash, conflict comes up. While others step away from conflict, Anthony Reo, the Product Co-Founder of Bunch, is taking it heads on. After studies in the US and a thesis on the power of productive & creative conflict as well as a 2

“How we hire at Netflix”

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by Darja Gutnick August 3, 2018

As always on Fridays, today we publish a recommendation by one of our team members. This week we decided on a #TeamPick by our tech whizz Iorrah Gonzalez Mota. Originally from Brazil, Iorrah has been developing in javascript since 5+ years, he has worked with 2 startups before, one in Dublin and one in Brazil and

Thanks for Joining our Summer Party!

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by Darja Gutnick August 2, 2018

Sun, summer, smart people. Every year in summer we gather friends and customers on our rooftop to enjoy Berlin and great company. Last year, one of our co-founders happened to be among the crowd – this year, he was one of the hosts. Last year, we organized the party ourself – this year, we partnered

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